This weekend I'm heading up to The Best Con Ever AKA Kids Read Comics. Let me tell you, I am getting PUMPED because not only will I be tabling with my best babe Bri and hanging out with a boatload of awesome cartoonists, but I'll get to play a couple of shows with The Shake-Ups in Ponyville!


Gonna rock out and dance with little kids! Gonna rock out and draw with little kids! Gonna kick it freestyle in the Iron Cartoonist challenge! OH MY GOSH this is the most fun con in the history of cons and it's ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

Like, "you" collectively, not you personally. Let's be realistic here. Unless you are one of the super cool people that puts together this delightful show with stellar programming, amazing guests, and incredibly fun and educational atmosphere, then you aren't a personal "you" in this instance.

Anyway my peeps, if you find yourself in Ann Arbor this weekend, stop by the library for the best free show in Michigan. May there be many a high five heading your way.