Excitement and Downtime

Image provided by  Art of Tabby  

Image provided by Art of Tabby 

Despite the seemingly never ending parade of rain and also rain, this summer has been fairly enjoyable. I survived one solitary sunburn, relaxed by a few campfires, and went to way too many conventions, but mostly enjoyed time with new and not-so-new friends. 

Singing with The Shake Ups has been one of the best things I've accidentally fell into. Not only do I get to scratch that perpetual musical itch, but I get to dust off my Con Table Skills™ and stretch my Merch Design Muscles™. That's pretty big for me considering my abrupt departure from tabling at conventions last year. Thankfully the band is keeping my table skill set from atrophying. That shit is hard to do and if you don't keep up with it, you lose it.

Speaking of segues, no longer having a regularly updating webcomic has me wondering if I've lost my previous audience. I fell of the face of the earth for a few months, so in terms of the internet I may as well be dead. Depression is kicking my ass most days, and seriously, this bitch gotta get her groove back. I'm slowly working my way back from the land of the dead and have been inking like a mad woman for the past few days. More than anything I need to feel the victory of following a project through to completion. It's a hard road to walk with all these mental obstacles in the way, but I'll get there eventually.

Just gotta keep going.