Welcome Welcome Welcome

A lot has changed since forever ago, way back when we did the internet together, you and I. We were so young then, so carefree. But now... Not only has everything in my life been flipped turned upside-down*, but I've changed as well. 

Yeah, you didn't expect that, did you?

Well. Let me tell you about some of the exciting new things that are going on in this neck of the woods, this little corner of the internet**. My illustrious husband and I moved in to a fairy-tale house and have been fastidiously filling it with art, comics, and other such delightful things. We've both succumbed to peer pressure*** and joined a band, which has been fantastic for both of us. We sing about ponies to children on a regular basis and it's amazing. Ponies are awesome.

In the Art quarter of Samanthaland (Samanada? United States of Samerica?) things have started getting exciting. I've got this new shiny Portfolio®, now with new and improved Blargh™ going on (uh-doy, you're reading it); I've started writing nerdy opinion pieces for local fun-times blog Geeking In Indiana; if one is so inclined to support me monetarily in exchange for extra process work and early access to certain items, such support can now be directed toward my Patreon. The biggest bit of news will be happening in it's own announcement later, but it has something to do with comics and putting them in a book and possibly also crowd funding of some sort. I dunno, is that a thing? Is that a thing people do? I heard something about it once, maybe on tweeter or something.

Well anyway, new starts all around! I'm in a new place doing new things and enjoying the hell out of my new side of town. Maybe I'll even go to new conventions next year.

* No, I have not moved in with distant family in Bel Air, though I am quite fresh in my own right.
** I don't know how many corners are contained within the internet, but I've got at least one of them. 

*** Well, that is to say, we pressured our peers into allowing us to join the band****. It helps that we play and sing, so... hahahaha! Noice.
**** Playing for kids is amazing, by the way. Kids are the best audience one could hope for because they're delighted to be doing Big Kid things and genuinely have a good time.